Todd Fletcher
UI Developer/Designer

Some things I can do

Photoshop, CSS, HTML, User Experience, and UI design:

Expert level.

Javascript, C#, Json, Ajax, React, Php, "classic" ASP, Cold Fusion, Python, JSP:

I have worked extensively in support of the UI with all of these and more but I am not expert in any of them.


I am fully acquainted with modern software development practices like git, agile, etc., and will fit right in and hit the ground running with any IT team.


Designers can be famously difficult to work with. I'm not. I see my role as realizing for the client what they can't do themselves. If you need someone to take the whole UI from notions scribbled on napkins and hand waving to a deployed finished product, whether web or mobile, I've done it and I can do it for you.

Who I am

I've worked in graphics, media and photography since 1987. I first surfed the internet in the early 90s, with Lynx on an Atari computer. I wrote my first website (yes, in notepad!) in 1995, and landed my first internet job in 1998. I've ran a series of music labels since the late 80s, from cassettes to vinyl to cd's, and back to vinyl again. Along the way I've written a few hundred songs, played J.S. Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier (OK, part of it), and played bass guitar in a bluegrass band. I'm a devoted student of German philosopher of history Oswald Spengler, whose Decline of the West is often on my Kindle. I'm also often found sipping a good strong IPA.

Some websites projects I have worked on

Rushline 2015

Social networking site and iOS app for a start up. Designed and built UI end to end, from before user stories. Fully supports mobile web. 2013

Several projects I led are shown here: the navigation, adding images and ajax content feeds 2011

Freelance design for a social tshirt design company

List an Auto 2010

Freelance design for another failed sweat equity start up

Gang of N 2010

Freelance design for a software consultancy

Feature Trax 2010

Upsell page design for a sweat equity start up

Feature Trax 2009

This was a really simple, easy Agile project manager that went nowhere. Super fun project though 2008

A project to make it easy for users to add contacts 2007

One of five or six corporate home page updates I did for Toolbox 2007

A user profile for the newly introduced social networking functionality 2013

At NT Media I whipped this gem out in about an hour. Amazingly it's still online almost 10 years later 2000

Extended and modified original site built by Scient San Fransisco

Prudential / Yahoo 2001

A three-week online home auction, it was on this site that the first home was sold through the internet

Offer Manager 2.0 2001

I was team lead for this second iteration of the Yahoo eHomesale for

Offer Manager 3.0 2002

Lead designer and engineer for this project for This product is still in development and is not yet on line


Lead engineer for this project for

Deal Track 2.0 2001

Lead Designer and developer for

Honeywell 1999

Part of a team of three developers for this project for USWEB/CKS.

BookZone 1999

Promotional website for the book "Bittersweet Journey". I did all design and coding

microrelease 1999

A personal project. Entirely PHP and SQL driven dynamic site. I did all design and coding

Places I've worked

Rushline ( 02.2014-present

Senior UI Designer/Developer

A start up. Designed and built a social networking website UI from the ground up, from first user stories to beta. Also designed iOS app UI.

Ziff-Davis Media / CEB / Toolbox 05.2004 - 01.2014

Senior Web Designer

Implemented numerous design and redesign projects, from Photoshop to code for a high traffic site. Also print, video, photographic and audio work as needed.

NT Media (now Village Voice Media) 5.2003 - 5.2004

Web Designer/Developer

Supported weekly news sites, provided designs for new sites and marketing newsletters. Designed and coded survey and newsletter subscription system end to end. / (now 11.1999 - 09.2002

Lead Web Designer

Also a start up. Designed and coded HTML, CSS and JSP. Did 5 full revisions of 2 products as well as numerous corporate site updates, and assisted usability studies.

USWeb/CKS 4.1998 - 11.1999

Junior Web Designer

Coded the HTML portion of ASP pages to match provided Photoshop images. Optimized graphics, developed static prototypes and assisted in usability testing

Various projects 4.1997 - 4.1998

Freelance Web Designer

Provided HTML code for TV show Pensacola Wings of Gold, directory site, book promotor on a contract basis.